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About the Class

Welcome to Art Without Boundaries, where creativity knows no bounds! Our inclusive art classes are designed to cater to students with special needs, providing a nurturing and inspiring environment for artistic expression. We believe in the transformative power of art, and our classes focus on unlocking the unique potential within each student.

Our instructors are trained to adapt to various learning styles, ensuring that every student feels encouraged and supported. We tailor our approach to accommodate individual needs, fostering a sense of empowerment and accomplishment.

Art Without Boundaries is held on Thursdays 11:15-1:15


2-hr Classes
4 classes   …. $213
8 classes   …. $418
12 classes …. $595
24 classes …. $1,122
1-hr classes
4 classes   …. $136
8 classes   …. $266
12 classes …. $378
24 classes …. $714

Starting Fees

Registration Fee: $50 (1 time family fee)

Required Material Kids: $65 (Per student)

Enrollment Deposit $50* (Per student)

All starting fees only need to be paid once. 


What range of students with disabilities does the art class cater to or accommodate?
We have a comprehensive approach to accommodating a diverse range of students with disabilities. Our experience extends to working with children on the autism spectrum, those with physical disabilities, and individuals with various neurodivergent conditions. Each curriculum is tailored to the unique strengths and abilities of the student, ensuring a personalized and inclusive learning experience.

What is taught in the curriculum?
Our curriculum focuses on building foundational skills in art. We cycle through different subject matters and materials and allow our students to draw their special interests. 

My child needs to have a paraeducator/therapist/parent to assist them. Are they allowed to sit in  the class?
In this class, students are allowed to have one caregiver sit with them. It will depend on if there is enough space in the classroom for the caregiver.

My child need assistance with using the restroom. Is a teacher able to assist them in the bathroom?
Students are required to be able to use the restroom by themselves in order to join the class. Alternatively they can have their caregiver will assist them. 

My child may experience intense emotional moments, including physical outbursts. How does your studio address this?
At our studio, we prioritize maintaining a calm and collected environment, incorporating established routines to minimize stress for all students. However, our staff does not have the physical capacity to physically intervene in situations where a student becomes physically aggressive. We encourage open communication to work together and explore alternative solutions that ensure the safety and well-being of all our students.

Can you accept funding from Regional Centers?
Yes we can! If you’d like to purchase classes through your Regional Center, be sure to correspond with your center. 
They can contact us through 

Studio Policies

Mask Policy

Students are no longer required to wear masks. We provide masks upon request.
If a student shows sign of sickness, we will ask that they wear a mask in the studio.
All staff members wear masks

No Nuts Policy:

Snacks with nuts of any kind are not allowed in our studio. We have students and staff who are severely allergic.
If you child brings a snack with nuts, they will not be allowed to eat it during class/breaktime.

Class Policies


Upon enrollment, students are expected to attend class consistently. Aspire Art reserves the right to remove students from the roster if:
(1) the student is absent for three consecutive weeks
(2) the student has multiple unexplained absences
Parents must contact the studio (phone, text, email) to excuse their child’s absence. 

Payment Policies

Regional Centers

We accept funding from Regional Centers. Be sure to contact yours and let us know what forms need to be filled out.
You can send our email to your Regional Center for easier correspondence.

Late Payment

Reminder emails are sent when you are about to use up your package and if you have overdue classes. 
If your account has 2 overdue classes, the card on file will automatically be charged with a 4-class package along with a $15 late fee. 

Enrollment Instructions

Fill out the waitlist below with basic information for you child.
You will receive an email with the next instructions within 1-2 business days.