Art Class - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for classes?
In order to start your enrollment process, you will need to fill out our waitlist form.
We will respond to you in 2-3 business days with further instructions.

What are your age groups?
We take students ages 4-18. We separate our students into two rooms. Our Room A has students ages 8+, while our Room B has students ages 4-7

Can I sit in with my child?
We do not allow parents to sit in the classroom. If your child is unable to be in the classroom by themselves, we suggest waiting until they are able to. 

If I have art supplies at home, do I have to purchase an art kit?
If you’d like to provide your own art supplies, you will need to bring it into the studio for a quality check.
The supplies that are in the Aspire Art kits are of artist grade in order to produce high quality artwork. 
If your art supplies are approved you do not need to buy the art kit. 

What is the 3-month commitment?
In order to ensure that there is improvement in your child’s art skills, we ask that students be enrolled for at least 3-months or 12 classes.
If you decide to take your child out of classes before the 3-months, you will lose your Enrollment Deposit. 

How do I receive my Enrollment Deposit back?
Once you have fulfilled the 3-month commitment, we will return your deposit on your child’s last day of class!
Make sure to inform us ahead of time so we can have your deposit prepared for you. 

How do I end my child’s art classes?
If you’d like to terminate your art classes, we require a 2-week written notice. 
If you do not provide a written notice, you Enrollment Deposit will be forfeit. 
You can also inform the front desk if you will be terminating and we will send you a confirmation email. 

What types of art do you teach?
In our studio, our main focus is teaching students the basics of art and building up their foundational skills. All of our teachers have or are working towards their art degree and are capable of teaching all levels of art. We constantly cycle through the different mediums and styles in order to make our students well rounded in art.
We work at a pace that is suitable for each individual student and provide them with projects that are both challenging and fun.

Do you teach digital art?
Yes we do! Our teachers are proficient in Procreate and Photoshop. If your child would like to learn Procreate, you will need to provide your own Ipad.

Can you assist with contests?
Of course! We help students brainstorm and bring their ideas to life. Make sure to provide the teachers with the contest rules and requirements.
Parents are responsible for turning in contest entries.

How often do the classes meet? Can I enroll my child for twice a week?
Students are enrolled once a week for classes. 
If you’d like to enroll twice a week, you will have to talk with your child’s teacher to see if they are mature enough to come in twice a week. 

What is your attendance policy?
Aspire Art Cerritos reserves the right to remove students from a class time if the student has too many unexplained absences or if they are absent for 3 consecutive classes. 
Of course, we understand there there are events and unplanned sicknesses, so if you know that your child will be absent, please contact us to let us know. 

Will I lose my classes if my child is absent?
Our class credits rollover, so you do not have to worry about your classes being used up!
However, please note that there is an expiration date on our class packages, so if you have too many unexplained absences, your class package will become unusable after a certain period of time.

My child’s absences were excused but my class package is about to expire. Can I extend the expiration date?
Absolutely! Just contact us to let us know and we will extend your expiration date. 
If there is no record of the excused absences on our system your package will expire, so be sure to contact us right away if your child will be absent. 

Will my child fall behind if they miss a class?
Nope! Our curriculum is individualized, meaning that the student is working on their own personal projects. If the student misses a class they will simply resume on their current project the next time they come in. 
We do ask that students be consistent with their attendance so that there will be steady growth in their art. 


Do you do refunds?
Our studio has a strict no refund policy.
We can return the amount to your account for future purchases.

Can I transfer my child’s credits to their sibling?
We are only able to transfer credits if one of the siblings is planning on terminating. 
We are unable to distribute or even out class between accounts. 

Is there a penalty if I’m late with a payment?
We make sure to send reminder emails when your child is running out of classes and when you have overdue classes.
If your child has 2 overdue classes on their account, we will automatically charge a 4-class package to the card on file with a $15 late fee.