While we have always been committed to keeping our studio, students, and staff safe, we will be adding new safety requirements and protocols following all CDC safety guidelines for childcare centers. Our #1 goal is to keep a safe and healthy environment for everyone in our studio.  Please see guidelines below:

  1. All Staff will be fully vaccinated by March 28th.
  2. Physical Distancing and Updated Seating Arrangements:  Desks and chairs have been rearranged for maximum physical distancing.  We will space out students to sit as far from each other as possible.  One teachers will stay with small group of students of maximum 2 to 6 students.
  3. Hand Washing and Sanitizing: Students will be required to sanitize their hands before class with hand washing and or hand sanitizer.  Frequent hand washing by students are also required throughout classes.  Frequent hand washing and sanitizing is required for all staff.
  4. Temperature checks: of all students and staff will be tentatively required before entering classroom areas.
  5. Protective Desk Barriers:  are available for all students to use for added protection.
  6. Face Coverings: will be required for all people entering the studio.  Students are required to keep masks on during class.  We have an incentive prizes for students that can keep their masks on the entire class period!  So far 100% of students have wanted to keep their masks on! So proud.
  7. Personal Art Materials:  We are strongly encouraging all students to purchase and bring their own art materials to avoid sharing materials.
  8. Mini Pod Size Classes:  we are limiting class size to 6 students per classroom.
  9. Curb side Pick Up and Drop Off Option available:  Text or Call us to pick up and drop off your child at your vehicle.
  10. Adults will NOT be allowed to enter classroom areas.  Only one adult allowed in the lobby / reception area.  Please drop your kids at the front door and we will guide them to their classroom.  Please wait outside the studio to pick up your child.  We will dismiss the student one by one when we see you outside the studio.
  11. Disinfecting Protocols:  we will continue to disinfect all surfaces, materials, and devices frequently with EPA approved, non-toxic food grade safe disinfectant.
  12. Sanitizing materials:  We have added a WABI UV Sterilizing Machine to disinfect all our materials, devices.  We have also added a disinfectant wash station.  UVC Sanitizing lamps throughout the studios will be used at the end of the day for sanitization.
  13. Commercial Grade UVC Light Hepa Air Purifiers will be running during classes to continuously clean the air. 
  14. MERV 13 Air Filters installed in our ventilation systems.  
  15. Doors will be opened to allow fresh air circulation.  Students will be allowed to go outside for fresh air and sun with their teachers during break time.
  16. Sick Policy: Students and staff cannot come into the studio if they are sick.
  17. Our studios provides COVID testing for all staff that work in the studios.